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From the Principal’s Desk
August, 2013

Welcome to another exciting year at Red Lake County Central High School, especially to our new students and our incoming 7th grade class. We are busily preparing the building for our staff and students who are to return soon. Here are some highlights heading into the new school year.

Curriculum: We will be implementing a new math curriculum for grades 6-11. This curriculum is more student-centered and is aligned with the MCA-III Minnesota math standards. Students will be more engaged in the curriculum and will utilize problem-solving, higher order thinking and communication skills, all geared to better prepare them for the MCA-III math test in April of 2014.

School Improvement Plan: Year 2 of our School Improvement plan begins in August. This year’s 3 goals are the successful implementation of the new math curriculum, the beginning of student advisory groups, and linking teaching and assessments through peer observations by the teaching staff.

MCA Testing: Testing as we know it will change drastically over the course of the next few years. Students in grades 3-8 will still take the MCA tests in reading and math (grade 5 and 8 also will take science) each spring, but high school students will be transitioning from the GRAD tests to the new College and Career Readiness tests. We don’t have all the information at this early point, but VERY simply stated, students will be testing to ensure their readiness for life after high school, versus testing at a certain level in order to “graduate”. More information will come to parents as the school year goes forward.

Technology: Students participating in our Online College in the High School (OCHS) will have new laptops available to them, providing more options and capabilities to enhance their learning. More Smart Boards have been added to teacher’s rooms, with almost every room now providing that technology. It won’t be too many years and we will be talking about online textbooks and Smart devices (tablets and phones) that will be all part of our student’s education.

Upcoming Dates: Teachers and staff will be in the building August 27 – 29 for workshop days. Students will report for the 1st day of school on Tuesday, September 3. There will be the annual Open House from 4:00 to 8:00 p.m. on Wednesday, August 28. We hope you can make it!

Randy Pederson
Red Lake County Central High School


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